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New Home Pre-Wire

Working with new home builders to have your new home pre-wired for today's technologies.

A pre-wired home can support a wide range of technologies, including high-speed Internet service, digital television, direct broadcast satellite service, local computer networks within the home, an efficient home office, home entertainment centres, environmental and energy management systems and home security.

Smart Home Security Packages


Protecting your family and home is probably the most important reason to purchase a security system. Security Plus package gives you protection from vandalism, fire, burglary and freeze-up. from a security company with long-term reliable service and quality equipment.


Remotely manage your security system with interactive services Use your computer, tablet or smart phone. Check current system status. Arm or disarm your system. Receive alerts for alarms, power outages, low temperature or high water level.


In addition to features of the Stay Connected package, you get wireless cellular connection. So you are free from service interuptions due to vandalism or outages.


The Smart Home package provides a full array of interactive and home automation services. Remote control of your system. Video Surveillance. Lighting Control. Interactive Services.

24-Hour state-of-the-art monitoring center will monitor your home or business day and night making sure the proper authorities are dispatched in the event of an alarm, fire or other emergency.

Niles Auriel Audio

spacer Today, Niles continues to set the industry standard for compatibility, user friendliness, and performance. Niles' Auriel multi-room audio system lets you enjoy music throughout your home. Access your favorite tunes in any room or zone. Play music throughout your home. Build your system around the MRC-6430 controller .

The most flexible multi-room audio options Niles has ever offered. With eight channels, this capable controller can drive stereo speakers in up to four different zones. Two extra pairs of preamp outputs give you the option of adding two more zones by adding an additional power amplifier. You can connect six audio sources. This versatile system is designed to give you easy wireless remote operation using your smartphone, tablet, or PC, and your home's Wi-Fi® network.

Auriel software control

Niles' Auriel app's let you can browse and choose playlists, albums, artists, and song titles with compatible source components from anywhere in your home. The MRC-6430 makes it possible to listen to any source, in any room, at any time — even if someone is already listening to something different in another room. 

Control options


Niles offers wired and wireless remote interface options for the MRC-6430. Connected nKP7 in-wall keypad provides basic, easy-to-use playback control.

Use the sophisticated nTP7 for interactive control. This in-wall 7" touchscreen panel provides full system control and displays metadata with compatible sources.It can even connect to the MRC-6430 controller via Wi-Fi for simplified installation. Or choose the nHR200 wireless handheld remote with its combination of tactile, backlit buttons and LCD touchscreen that lets you view track titles, and makes it easy to scroll through long lists of songs, albums, and playlists on your tablet or PC to configure your system.

Expansion possibilities

To add more zones to your Niles audio system, connect an additional MRC-6430 controller to distribute music to as many as 12 different zones.